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Metals Trades. Real time gold trading with Andrew Maguire

Metals Trades. Real time gold trading with Andrew Maguire

Unique Event - June 25th. Andrew Maguire hosts a 60 minute Q&A session.

The MetalsTrades service provides members with real-time access to Andrew Maguire, a 30-year veteran of the metals markets as he makes short term trades in the spot Gold and spot Silver markets and posts in relation to his longer term positioning for those managing a portfolio.

Andrew uses his own proprietary indicator in combination with fundamentals and a view of current bids and offers from a variety of sources. He will share in real-time his own entries in what have increasingly become volatile markets. Extreme volatility around news events aside, his short term trades will typically be opened and closed same day and take advantage of a few selected moves in these volatile vehicles that occur at regular times of the day/month.Andrew focuses on longer term positions and explains his rationale for entry as well as detailing his hedging strategy in the event of a downturn in the market.

Real time trading

This completely unique service provides real-time access to a 30-year veteran of the Gold and Silver markets, Andrew Maguire. A long time professional metal trader, Andrew Maguire, posts his trades in real-time, allowing members to benefit from his insight into market dynamics.

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Metals overview videos

Each morning a 5-10 minute video is posted showing analysis of the Gold and Silver markets of several time frames, from 20 minute to weekly. Analysis details current context, identifying support and resistance levels as well as high probability level for entries.

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Weekly commentary

In addition, Andrew posts weekly commentary which unveils many aspects that remain hidden to retail traders. From a breakdown and explanation of COT activity to identifying sweet spots for options expiration, to explaining recent moves in the markets and identifying the forces that cause sudden moves in Gold and Silver.

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Meet the expert

Andrew Maguire – Precious Metals

Andrew is an accomplished veteran of the markets. He has 30+ years experience, both as an institutional and independent trader, the last 19 years of which have been as a metals specialist. Andrew is the driving force behind the MetalsTrades services for Coghlan Capital.

Video overview of the MetalsTrades service

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Past performance

Andrew’s trades are closely monitored. Performance is divided by last thirty days with a daily breakdown and past months.

Last 30 days From April 2012
$6,770 $165,260
Daily breakdown Monthly breakdown