One to one mentoring (Ten 60-90 minute sessions)

The 1:1 Mentoring program consists of ten 60-90 minute sessions. The sessions take place over a dedicated webinar link with both you and I being able to talk, sharing screen, mouse and keyboard. All sessions are recorded and posted to a private part of the site so you can review them at any time.

Sessions are scheduled for a day/time slot that we each agree to. Some people prefer a session each week, others once every two weeks, the choice is yours.

I like to start out prior to the first session by setting objectives for the program although the primary objective is always that your trading is more consistent AND profitable at the end of the sessions.

Sessions really consist of two main activities. In the earlier sessions we run through the methodology I use that allows me to determine trend direction and strength. We talk about how to approach a blank chart all the way through to identifying changes in behavior, context, strengthening/weakening trends and more. In latter sessions and once the underlying method has been covered, you bring your charts, trades and analysis into sessions for us to work through and identify problems and second, me detailing elements I use that you aren't too clear on.

The cost is $4,995 for the ten sessions. You can register for the program using the link below:

Sessions may not be held on certain weeks due to public holidays or other commitments from either party with minimum 24 hours notice. There is no requirement to attend consecutive sessions BUT all ten sessions must be attended within one calendar year of purchase.

For terms that apply to this service please see our terms.