Morning Analysis. Highlighting low risk, high probability trades

The Morning Analysis service is designed for those looking to improve charting skills and trading profitability, identifying low risk ways in which to participate in increasingly volatile markets. The service utilizes median line analysis which reduces risk and increases the chartist’s ability to see trend direction, trend strength and highlight entry and exit levels. Members range from those new to trading through to 40 year veterans of the markets, from retail speculators to hedge fund managers.

Daily analysis

Each morning at around 8:00AM ET we post video analysis that covers currencies, precious metals, commodities the eMini S&P, Dollar Index and Treasuries. Charts show current support and resistance and highlighting high probability places to find low risk entries. Charts cover a variety of timeframes catering to those scalping an intraday move up to the largest for those positioning a long term portfolio.

The aim is to on at least a weekly basis, to provide a trade which will cover the monthly membership several times over, meaning the educational aspect of the service is free

Chart of the day videos

Several times a week we will post, as a chart or video, notable charts that provided a low risk entry , often for a significant move. This will launch in early September 2023. You can view chart of the day videos here.

An introduction to the analysis - January 2021

Morning Analysis membership

Ensign layout files

All of our analysis is produced in Ensign, a top quality charting application. We upload our Ensign layout each morning (@3:00AM EDT) to allow members to instantly import all analysis, pitchforks and commentary into their own live charts. These charts cover currencies, Gold, Silver, commodities and US indices. Current charts can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

Full access to archived content

Once you are a full member you will have access to hundreds of videos on the site. This is a treasure trove of material and allows members to see the evolution of charts throughout time. With several hundred videos accessible on the site, members can look through any prior webinar, each of which provides an insight into the methodology upon which the Morning Analysis service is based.

About Us

Coghlan Capital was founded by Paul Coghlan with the primary intent to share his unique approach to analysis with traders, investors, fund managers and others that saw the value in this proven methodology.

Paul Coghlan – Founder

As a trader and analyst for the past 22 years, Paul shares his unique application of analysis with hundreds of traders and investors on a daily basis.

In addition to providing the daily analysis and hosting every one of the webinars, Paul mentors traders, talks at conferences and hosts annual seminars.