Trade Return Calculator

The Trade Return Calculator allows you to see 100 hypothetical trades mapped out based upon your current (or ideal/target) performance parameters. To be able to run the calculator simply input your current or ideal performance criteria below.

After, click on the Calculate button and the calculator will then generate 100 random trades using these inputs. If you re-click it will generate 100 more trades, each time showing you the result of those trades based upon your input.

  • Balance = Your starting balance.
  • Typical Risk = Enter the amount you typically risk per trade as a percentage of your account. So, if you typically risk 2% of your capital then enter "2".
  • Risk Reward = Enter the risk:reward you typically target. If for example you aim for a minimum 1:3 then enter "3"
  • Win/Loss = Enter your win/loss percentage. So, if you typically see 53% of your trades as winning then enter "53".