2019 Seminar

I mentioned within Thursday's noon webinar a trading plan and recent seminar, from November 2019. If anyone wants access to the seminar recordings (6 1/2 hours), a @20 page trading document and the morning process form mentioned within the seminar you can do so via the link below

2019 Seminar recordings/documents

Access to all seminar recordings and documents.

This comprises 6 1/2 hours of webinar recordings, an @20-page trading rules document which details a set of trading rules as well as a morning process form. You can read more about the contents of the seminar here

The seminar took place on Friday November 29th. The agenda was designed to act as a follow on to recent trading rules webinars. We will start out the day by running through a set of trading rules which I will prepare for the event. I will talk about how I prepare for my typical morning, shortlisting charts based upon working trends and nearby support/resistance. We will look at charts in real-time, apply the aforementioned trading rules and watch to see if entries occur and play them out in real-time. In the event no entries occur we will review the prior week(s) and talk about specific entries, and how those positions would have been managed to conclusion.

I will talk about trading journaling, what statistics I track on an ongoing basis and answer any questions members might have in relation to trade rules, management or indeed the charting process itself.

You can read the original, and far more detailed, description of the seminar - here

The cost for recordings and the trading rules document is $395 $295.