March 7th-18th mornings…

A general announcement for the next two weeks; starting today, Monday March 7th and through Friday March 18th. I have to attend training for dialysis from 11AM-3PM ET each day. As a result I will only be in chat until 10:15AM each morning. I apologize as I know several do like to see charts or comments I have to make in the morning but this can not be avoided. I will attempt each afternoon to provide some PM update charts upon my return, likely after 4:30-5:00.

I should be starting dialysis Thursday of next week (March 17th) and am looking forward to the improvement in health it will provide me with. Happily the dialysis will occur overnight each night so should not impact my days.

As a complete aside, if you have any topic you would like to see covered in a webinar let me know and I will try to get it scheduled for the week after my training concludes.

Happy Charting!