Mobile Email Address Formats

If you are trying to ascertain the email address format to have MetalsTrades, alerts sent to your mobile device as a text message this list may be of help. This is a relatively exhaustive list but may not be up to date or accurate. You can test the email address by sending a simple message, replacing the xxxxxxxxx with your mobile number.


US Carriers
3 River Wireless[email protected]
ACS Wireless[email protected]
Alltel[email protected]
AT&Txxxxxxxx[email protected]
Bell Canada[email protected]
Bell Canada[email protected]
Bell Mobility (Canada)[email protected]
Bell Mobility[email protected]
Blue Sky Frog[email protected]
Bluegrass Cellular[email protected]
Boost Mobile[email protected]
BPL Mobile[email protected]
Carolina West Wireless[email protected]
Cellular One[email protected]
Cellular South[email protected]
Centennial Wireless[email protected]
CenturyTel[email protected]
Cingular (Now AT&T)[email protected]
Clearnet[email protected]
Comcast[email protected]
Corr Wireless Communications[email protected]
Dobson[email protected]
Edge Wireless[email protected]
Fido[email protected]
Golden Telecom[email protected]
Helio[email protected]
Houston Cellular[email protected]
Idea Cellular[email protected]
Illinois Valley Cellular[email protected]
Inland Cellular Telephone[email protected]
MCI[email protected]
Metro PCS[email protected]
Microcell[email protected]
Midwest Wireless[email protected]
Mobilcomm[email protected]
MTS[email protected]
Nextel[email protected]
OnlineBeep[email protected]
PCS One[email protected]
President‘s Choice[email protected]
Public Service Cellular[email protected]
Qwest[email protected]
Rogers AT&T Wireless[email protected]
Rogers Canada[email protected]
Southwestern Bell[email protected]
Sprint PCS[email protected]
Sumcom[email protected]
Surewest Communicaitons[email protected]
T-Mobile[email protected]
Telus[email protected]
Tracfone[email protected]
Triton[email protected]
Unicel[email protected]
US Cellular[email protected]
Solo Mobile[email protected]
Sprint[email protected]
Sumcom[email protected]
Surewest Communicaitons[email protected]
T-Mobile[email protected]
Telus[email protected]
Triton[email protected]
Unicel[email protected]
US Cellular[email protected]
US West[email protected]
Verizon[email protected]
Virgin Mobile[email protected]
Virgin Mobile Canada[email protected]
West Central Wireless[email protected]
Western Wireless[email protected]
International Carriers
Chennai RPG Cellular[email protected]
Chennai Skycell / Airtel[email protected]
Comviq[email protected]
Delhi Aritel[email protected]
Delhi Hutch[email protected]
DT T-Mobile[email protected]
Dutchtone / Orange-NL[email protected]
EMT[email protected]
Escotel[email protected]
German T-Mobile[email protected]
Goa BPLMobil[email protected]
Golden Telecom[email protected]
Gujarat Celforce[email protected]
Kerala Escotel[email protected]
Kolkata Airtel[email protected]
Kyivstar[email protected]
LMT[email protected]
Maharashtra BPL Mobile[email protected]
Maharashtra Idea Cellular[email protected]
Manitoba Telecom Systems[email protected]
Meteor[email protected]
MiWorld[email protected]
Mobileone[email protected]
Mobilfone[email protected]
Mobility Bermuda[email protected]
Mobistar Belgium[email protected]
Mobitel Tanzania[email protected]
Mobtel Srbija[email protected]
Movistar[email protected]
Mumbai BPL Mobile[email protected]
Netcom[email protected]
Ntelos[email protected]
O2[email protected]
O2 (M-mail)[email protected]
One Connect Austria[email protected]
OnlineBeep[email protected]
Optus Mobile[email protected]
Orange[email protected]
Orange Mumbai[email protected]
Orange NL / Dutchtone[email protected]
Oskar[email protected]
P&T Luxembourg[email protected]
Personal Communication[email protected] (insert xxxxxxxxxx into the subject line)
Pondicherry BPL Mobile[email protected]
Primtel[email protected]
Safaricom[email protected]
Satelindo GSM[email protected]
SCS-900[email protected]
SFR France[email protected]
Simple Freedom[email protected]
Smart Telecom[email protected]
Southern LINC[email protected]
Sunrise Mobile[email protected]
Sunrise Mobile[email protected]
Surewest Communications[email protected]
Swisscom[email protected]
T-Mobile Austria[email protected]
T-Mobile Germany[email protected]
T-Mobile UK[email protected]
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile[email protected]
Tele2 Latvia[email protected]
Telefonica Movistar[email protected]
Telenor[email protected]
Telia Denmark[email protected]
TIM[email protected]
UMC[email protected]
Uraltel[email protected]
Uttar Pradesh Escotel[email protected]
Vessotel[email protected]
Vodafone Italy[email protected]
Vodafone Japan[email protected]
Vodafone Japan[email protected]
Vodafone Japan[email protected]
Vodafone UK[email protected]
Wyndtell[email protected]