TrendSniper – Timed Exit

Feature Description - Timed Exit

Configuration of this shall be via two elements; a checkbox and input box.

  • The checkbox shall allow the feature to be enabled/disabled.
  • The input box shall allow the input of a time (in the format ##:##).

A simple feature, when activated it shall perform as follows:

In the event a live position is not already closed as a result of a trailing or fixed stop, or a TP, then the position will be automatically closed at the input time. Regardless as to whether there are multiple TPs in effect, the entire position shall be closed.

In addition for example to configuring an auto-close at say 3:55PM for an equities position, this can also be used to close a position into news (e.g. NFP/FOMC). A future refinement to this feature would allow partial closure, i.e. close 50% ahead of news.