Upcoming webinars – 2022

It has been a LONG time since I did what I would call a proper webinar. Ignoring the usual commodities/FX videos the most recent is the Flush Failures webinar back in July.

Note that I am transitioning away from the GoToWebinar platform to using Microsoft Teams for webinars. So, I may schedule a quick webinar test sometime in the next week or so to check all is well.

I am scheduling the following and will issue links in due course:

Thursday 13th 5PM ET for those in Asia (see, I do listen!)

Macro moves. I will spend some time looking at how we can use multiple timeframes to detect changes in trend strength/direction that might lead to a significant move on larger timeframes. Less about scalping 50 or 100 pips and more about positioning for the long haul.

To be fair this is NOT my usual trading style, but I am more than happy to walk through how I would approach it as it IS something I want to gravitate towards.

Thursday 20th Noon ET

Trading FX Futures. I think this might be a short’ish webinar but I had a request to do it so am happy to run through differences between spot and futures and how to calculate pip values in ach instance (having realized my MXN video from last week assumed futures when I was actually looking at spot!!). I will talk a little about exchange based v aggregated FX feeds and the pros and cons of each.

Thursday 27th

TBA, let me know what you would like to see…I am truly open to looking at anything, as long as I feel I can talk about it intelligently!